Sadly many unwanted puppies are dumped and left to fend for themselves. BAWA offers free spay/neuter services to all Balinese to achieve levels at which all dogs and cats can be adequately fed and cared for. All sterilised animals are vaccinated and treated for skin disease and parasites. Importantly, this process reduces the prevalence of disease such as rabies. BAWA runs two full-time de-sexing programs which include rabies vaccinations in partnership with the Government and medical treatment.

bsdf desexing 

Ambulance Hotline

The Ambulance hotline receives over 60 calls every day and Bali’s only free ambulance service rescues and treats more than 1,000 animals in distress every year. Many of the calls are for dogs and cats who have been hit by motorbikes or cars, or have been poisoned or who have been abandoned and are terrible condition due to malnutrition or skin disease.

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Emergency Response & Rescue

BAWA’s Emergency Response & Rescue program never stands still. They repond to alerts of any animal in distress from dogs, cats, Luwak (Civet cats), birds, monkey, squirrels and more. All to often these alerts relate to animals trapped in culverts or wells, kept in inhumane conditions, dog fighting, dog meat trade and other forms on cruelty and neglect.'

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Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief team are always at the ready for what ever disaster comes their way. The highly skilled team were deployed during the Mt Agung eruption, Lombok Earthquake and Sulawesi Earthquake/Tsunami. The team are also part of the rescue/rehabilitation team and their expertise is needed every day to rescue those in need.


Street Feeding

Giving Life to Bali Dogs. BAWA supplies nutritionally balanced meals every day to hundreds of street dogs and cats and sometimes monkey’s, especially during disasters and more recently the Covid 19 Pandemic. Most of these animals have no other source of food. They rely on BAWA to prevent hunger, lethargy, illness and worse. BAWA are also able to treat the dogs for parasites and skin problems at the time and never hesitate to call the ambulance if they come across horrific cases of demodex, scabies, deep wounds infections and more.

BAWA also delivers food to their foster carer’s homes and to poor people on the island who love their dogs but have trouble paying for their food. Many of these people have big hearts but very small incomes so BAWA help them to ensure they don’t go hungry.

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Supporting Animals in Clinics

Sadly so many of the cases that BAWA attend are to dogs and cats who often require intensive care in veterinary clinics and at any given time BAWA have countless animals in many clinics and the cost of their care mounts up very quickly.

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