The Bali Street Dog Fund was established to address the welfare problems associated with the overwhelming number of dogs and cats on an island where Balinese people do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care.

The Bali Street Dog Fund was founded in 1999 and is a Registered Charity with the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing (CFN 16802). Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer.


Our Mission:

    • Our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs and cats in Bali by reducing the population through de-sexing; to provide veterinary care to alleviate their suffering; and to empower the Balinese people to care about their animals.

Our Values and Beliefs:

    • We are dedicated to animal welfare and we believe we can make a difference.
    • We believe de-sexing dogs and cats is the solution to overpopulation and its flow-on detrimental effects to the Balinese people.
    • We do not support animal shelters as Bali dogs live community lives and we can best help them by on the spot medical care.
    • We believe education is vital to empower the Balinese people to improve the lives of animals into the future.
    • We are committed to supporting efficient, grass roots organisations run by respected local people to help their communities.
    • We strive to ensure that any group we support shares our goal to operate at the highest standard to achieve the best outcome. 


Programs in Bali are currently run by our partner organisation, the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), a grass roots organisation staffed by Balinese people. Our funding operates the De-sexing Program and contributes to their Education Program in schools and 24 hour emergency vehicle. For more information go to BAWA's website www.bawabali.com.